Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Gypsy

So I love love love my Gypsy. All of my Cricut Cartridges are linked to this and I can design everything I want to cut from the comfort of my couch, then head into my craft room, connect it to my Cricut and hit 'cut'. I can copy images, resize images, squish them close together to save paper, put things on different parts of the mat so I can cut things out with different colors of cardstock without the hassle of loading and unloading my mat. I can even weld letters together so it cuts as one thing instead of each individual letter. It is amazing.

Not only can I do all of those things, but I can also browse ALL the cartridges Cricut makes, play with them and decide if I want to buy them. (I can't cut things out from cartridges I don't own, but 'try before you buy' is awesome!!)

I wouldn't/couldn't do most of what I do on the Cricut without my Gypsy!! I love it!!!

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